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manuafacturer OSTAR TOOLS CO., LTD.

manufactured hole saw, drill bits, and saw blades. cutting tools: hss drill bits, diamond saw blades, solid carbide end mills, countersinks, chisle, grinding wheels, cutting disc, tool bits....

We are special in export power tools accessories to USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Europe and Taiwan. (1) Hole saws: bimetal hole saws, hss hole saws, tungsten carbide grit hole saws, carbide tipped hole saws, carbon steel hole saws, adjustable hole cutter, adjustable hole cutter with a protection cowl, hss hole cutter, carbide tipped hole cutter, one teeth wood cutter, tct hole saw, diamond hole saws; (2) Cutting for metal: step drills, hss step drill bits, countersinks, taper drill countersink, tube drills, sheet metal cone drill bits, de-burring cone drill bits, Pointed countersinks, twist drills, center drills, double end drill bits, saw drills, hss end mills, solid carbide end mills, carbide burs, taps, dies, tool bits, vix bits, hinge drill bit, self center bits, Self-Centering Hinge Drilling Vix Bits, counterbores; (3) Cutting for wood: router bits, forstner bits, auger bits, jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades,spade bits, flat bits, tct saw blade, wood drills, woodworking chisel, wood tools, wood plane, hss turning tool, carving tools, wood chisel, multi angle drill bit, mad bit, wood countersinks, stop countersinks, Hollow Cutters, Screw Countersinks, Slotted Taper & deburring Cuntersinks, Drill Countersinks, Taper Drills Countersinks, hinge cutting bits, spur bits, hinge boring drill bit; (4) Cutting for masonry: hammer drill bits, sds adapter, sds drill bits, chisel, masonry drills, carbide tipped core drill bits, diamond core drills, glass tile drill bits; (5) Cutting disc: cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, flap disc, polishing disc, cutting wheel, grinding wheel, cutting disc, grinding disc; (6) Diamond tools: diamond segments, segment saw blade, continuous rime saw blade, turbo saw blade, laser welded saw blade, brazed saw blade, cup grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, diamond core drill bits, diamond files, dimond mound point, electroplated saw blade; (6) others tools: ratchetable wrench, planer & blades, quick change chuck, driver bits, screw extractor, screw remover, sds plus adapter;

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Country: China
City: shanghai
Address: 4#-903, No.1269, Zhangyang Road,
Phone: +86 (21) 58870860
Fax: +86 (21) 58822295
E-mail: sales@ostartools.com
URL address:
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